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Autor: Mateusz Czerniawski

Polfa on the Psychiatric Conference, 15.07.2014

Between the 5th and 7th of June 2014, the International Psychiatric Conference took place in Warsaw and brought together about 300 participants from the whole wold.

Guests (doctors and representatives) from Poland and other countries (Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Hungary, Russia, Lithuania and Vietnam) invited by Polfa Tarchomin took part in the event. Our foreign partners had the chance to meet the former chairman of the Polish Psychiatric Association – professor A. Rajewski.

Lectures were given by guests from Poland and abroad. During the conference, representatives of our company had the chance to talk with doctors from many other countries, ask them about standards of anxiety disorders and insomnia therapy as well as the situation of BZD (including lorazepam, temazepam and estazolam) in a given country, etc.

Project co-financed with the participation of the domestic founds and EU Funds

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