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Information brochure – production plant

We are lunching second stage of investment in the modern oncological and immunosuppressive pharmaceuticals plant. The building will include a laboratory area for quality control, dedicated to product testing and a laboratory area for the R&D department. Apart from the production and laboratory area, the building will house sanitary and social facilities, office and technical rooms. TZF Polfa plans to implement the investment described in Information Letter No. 2/2021. by two General Contractors, selected

The New Production Department of Sterile Forms “Ampoule Facility”

Polfa Tarchomin offers the possibility of manufacturing sterile medicinal products in the form of solutions based on water and / or organic solvents in ampoules in the new Production Department of Sterile Forms which starts operating this year:

  • 2ml and 5ml ampoules
  • maximum batch size up to 250 liters
  • capacity of the dosing line 18,000 / hour
  • sterile filtration on sterile filters or final sterilization of the product
  • tightness testing and visual inspection of ampoules
  • technological process carried out in purity classes:

TZF on the CPhI

On 04th-07th of November, TZF will take a part in the world’s largest pharmaceutical event – CPHI, which year by year have hosted more than 45 000 industry experts. Our team of experts will be delighted to provide you insights about the company and possible cooperation area, such as FDF and API portfolio availability for out-licensing & distribution or Contract Manufacturing. Hall 9.1, zone FDF, stand: 91H80, Frankfurt Messe.

  • Core of our production:
    • Prescritpion drugs (Anfi-infection for systematic use, Alimentary

We take care about the environment

Polfa Tarchomin is undergoing the change of the car fleet. New one will be based on the eco-friendly cars running by the hybrid engines. 140 new cars will guarantee a 70% lower CO2 emission comparing to the previously used cars. Polfa Tarchomin is giving another proof that ecology is important for the company. Switching for the hybrid cars is another pro-ecological move. I am very happy that the oldest pharmaceutical company in Poland have that innovative move. Polfa Tarchomin have seal-off availability of the crucial medicaments,…

Polfa Tarchomin on the CPhI

On 09th-11th of October, Polfa Tarchomin took a part in the world’s largest pharmaceutical event – CPHI, which have hosted more than 45 000 industry experts. Polfa Tarchomin was among 2500 exhibitors with its own stand. During the event we have hosted dozens  of the pharmaceutical companies representatives. Attending CPhI Worldwide is an effective way to establish new business relationships and stay updated on the latest industry trends. The exhibition showcases cover the whole spectrum of pharmaceutical manufacturing…

Children’s Day in Białołęka, 05.06.2013

For the second time Polfa Tarchomin will take part in children’s day celebrations organised by the authorities of Bialoleka. This year, our company is the naming rights sponsor. The celebrations of the most important event for the youngest will take place on the 9th of June in the Picasso’s Park in Bialoleka. The event starts at 11:00 with a cycling race for children and teenagers. After the race, there will be a spring race in which adults can also participate. Football fans will get the chance to support young players from…

Tonasen – a new product in our offer, 26.09.2013

At the end of August, Polfa Tarchomin started selling its new product – a non-prescription drug. Tonasen, a synthetic counterpart to the natural hormone – melatonin, is a drug used in case of sleeping disorders. Tonasen is used as an excipient in sleeping disorders related to, for example, changing time zones or working in shifts. Disruptions of a person’s biological rhythm are one of the reasons for melatonin deficiency. In addition, the product facilitates adjustment of sleeping patterns and wakefulness of blind patients.…

In Ciechocinek people queued up, 25.09.2014

The 3rd Ciechocinek Baths Half Marathon took place on the 23rd to 24th of August. Representatives of Polfa Tarchomin S.A. were there to familiarise with the company’s products and there were not only participants, but also tourists and bathers staying at that time in Ciechocinek. During the two-day event, our representatives gave information about the OTC medicines and  the dietary supplements from the company’s offer. Additionally, at the Polfa Tarchomin S.A. stand, tasting of Loma Vital took place, which attracted…

The World Diabetes Day 2014, 15.11.2014

The World Diabetes Day is already behind us. The World Diabetes Day is celebrated on the birthday of the discoverer of insulin, Federick Banting. Polfa Tarchomin S.A., famous for the insulin production, helps the sick not only with continuous provision of the necessary medicine, but also engages itself in their education. Today, the number of diabetes cases is growing at such a rapid pace that people even speak of an epidemic of this disease. Therefore, emphasis on the education, prevention and early detection of the disease…

Project co-financed with the participation of the domestic founds and EU Funds

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