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Autor: Mateusz Czerniawski

New PolhuminPen – a modern insulin pen, 10.06.2015

Polhumin Pen is an intuitive insulin pen, which was designed in Switzerland. It allows for injection of up to 60 units of insulin at one time, which is important in therapy of patients with high insulin resistance. Another benefit of the new PoluminPen is the possibility of adjusting the dose by units. It is of special significance in case of intensive insulin therapy, during which the patient adjusts the dose of insulin to his/her body’s current needs indicated by the blood sugar level. In addition, the patient is able to correct the dose of insulin if the selector have been set on an excessive number of units, without wasting the medicine, and its ergonomic shape allows for easy use. PolhuminPen can be easily used by patients with limited mobility. This modern injector is a guarantee of a safe insulin therapy.

PolhuminPen is designed to be used with 3ml Polhumin insulin refills and appropriate needles.

Project co-financed with the participation of the domestic founds and EU Funds

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