Since 1823 we take care about the health of people. Our production capacity is 65 million of pack per year (tablets and capsules). We have 30 production lines.

We love life. Our product have broad usage in the public healthcare system. We produce over 50 drugs in almost 120 different dosage forms and strength.

We accept challenges. Our product have been used by the doctors to heal patients during the different parts of the therapy. We are producing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), that have been used further to produce solid dosage forms of drugs.

We treat effectively. Doctors success during the therapy is our main motivation to improve our company and portfolio of our products.



About Polfa

Polfa Tarchomin laboratorium

Almost two centuries old, Polfa Tarchomin is one of the most experienced pharmaceutical companies in the Europe.

Our history goes back to 1823. Nowadays there are four pillars of our generic business: Anti-infective (oral and injectable forms), Alimentary Tract & Metabolism (human insulin in various forms), Central Nervous System and Dermatology. We care about people.

Project co-financed with the participation of the domestic founds and EU Funds

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