Polfa Tarchomin S.A. in Warsaw is one of the largest generic companies operating in Poland and one of the oldest pharmaceutical producers in the world.

The company history dates back to 1823 and the production of the first medicinal preparations.

Polfa Tarchomin SA is a leader in the anti-infectives market. The company also holds an significant market position in the category of insulin, psychotropic drugs and dermatological preparations.

Polfa Tarchomin S.A in total provides over a hundred medicinal products.

All of them are available in a range of forms and sizes in order to ensure optimal medical treatment and minimal side effects experienced by the patient. Polfa Tarchomin S.A. specialises in the prescription drugs.

Our medicines are produced in buildings and facilities which meet strict global requirements and quality standards.

Polfa Tarchomin has approx. 900 employees. Majority of the crew are a long-time employees. We are cultivating company’s heritage. On the regular basis we are organizing meeting with the retired employees, who have significant contribution in the company brand.

We take care of the quality. We have strict quality management system and policy. Polfa Tarchomin has 9 eGMP’s certificate which conform the quality of our products. Polfa’s Quality Department have been supervising production and products day-by-day.

We provide various drags around the world. Our products have been used by the doctors all around the world. We are supporting diabetic patients by providing effective, complete and integrated solutions.

The quality of our products has been confirmed by the obtained GMP certificates.

Currently the company has over 30 production lines and installations which produce drugs in pharmaceutical forms including gels, aerosols, tablets, coated tablets, capsules, ampoules, vials and insulin cartridges.

The production line of oral penicillin forms, aerosol filling and freeze-drying techniques distinguish the company among other manufacturers in the industry.

Polfa Tarchomin S.A. operates primarily on the Polish market. We supply hospitals and pharmacies through the network of wholesalers across the country. We also export to 22 countries through distribution agreements. The policy we apply in dealing with our contractors enables us to create close partner relationships.

Core of our production:

  • Prescription drugs (Anti-infectives for systemic use, Alimentary Tract & Metabolism, Central Nervous System, Dermatologicals)
  • OTC drugs
  • Dermocosmetics
  • Medical Services
  • Pharmaceutical substances
  • Dietary supplements