Jarosław Król

President of the Board

For the past 12 years holds the position of Director in BGK and Bank Pekao S.A. In 2010-2017 he was a director of Public Sector Department of Bank Pekao.

Jarosław Król is well known as an expert of the restructuration of the companies. During his professional career he was responsible for the creation and implementation of strategy in operation, financial, sales and HR divisions of the companies. His priority in Polfa Tarchomin is to built-up the strategy of growth. Jarosław Król is concert about collaboration with the academia and the healthcare units. Jarosław Król graduated from the Economic Department at Nicolaus Copernicus University and PhD studies at University of Warsaw.

Arkadiusz Ziarko

member of the Management Board

He has been working in Polfa Tachomin for over 37 years. (...)

Arkadiusz Ziarko was a director of Biosynthesis Unit for 20 years. He was responsible for various project in production of antibiotics. Arkadiusz Ziarko graduated from the Food Technology Department in SGGW and from Warsaw University of Technology (postgraduate studies)

Weronika Filiks

Chairman of the Board of Supervisors

Kazimerz Kryla

Vice-Chairman of the Board of Supervisors

Zbigniew Krzewski

Member of the Board of Supervisors

Wojciech Dziomdziora

Member of the Board of Supervisors

Rafał Małkiewicz

Member of the Board of Supervisors

Marek Posobkiewicz

Member of the Board of Supervisors